Our wallets are ingeniously constructed using a single sheet of 100% recyclable Tyvek®. We fold the sheets origami style, into an incredibly strong, very functional and totally unique wallet! These innovative wallets feature 2 credit card slots, 2 quick access business card areas and 2 large cash compartments!

Wrap That Cash wallets have a stitch-less expandable design that adjusts automatically as you fill it. Designed to fit up to 12+ credit cards and plenty of cash, there is no compromise in strength and functionality here!




Wrap That Cash - Assorted Wallets

12 Piece Counter Display

Wrap That Cash - 100 Dollar Bill Wallets

12 Piece Counter Display

About Us

In partnership with our customers, our designs are driven by creativity, functionality and retail price. Besides creating and manufacturing our own brands, Joelson Industries utilizes several warehouses to better service our customers’ needs. This streamlines the procurement process and retailers can enjoy the savings of lower retail price points and healthy margins by removing the unnecessary costs. It is in Joelson Industries DNA to surf the wave of trends and technology in the creation of our products. It is our passion to live and work on the cutting edge of inspirational and aspirational marketing!

The Brands

Innovative ideas and unique messages delivered through creative mediums render our brands and products unforgettable. Our brands incorporate revolutionary technology and cutting edge design elements that redefine industry conventions.

What Makes Us Different?

What makes us so special? Over the past 26+ years, we've built a unique business model that can service all of your organization's needs, whether you’re a small, growing business that requires a drop ship program or a member of the Fortune 500. Since 1988, the world's leading retailers have trusted Joelson Industries, Inc. to provide them with an array of quality and exclusive programs with top notch service to make your job easier. Our dedicated Account Teams bring you new and unique products more quickly than you ever thought possible along with the service & accuracy you can expect from an industry leader. Nobody else does it quite like us!

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